While waiting for the Oakland bus last night, I left my oversized duffle in the line at Greyhound and went south in search of Tony's bar. I found it, but it was no longer a cantina; it had hefeweizen and pale ale on tap. I had a pint of the latter, Stone from San Diego. Got back into line, the 11:30 PM bus wouldn't let me on but the 12:45 did.

I was supposed to wait for the Arcata bus in Oakland but both the driver and luggage handlers said I'd be better off in SF so I followed their advice. I'm here at SF Brewing Co. on Columbus having a pint of Albatross lager. I also had some of their King of the Hill Stout, $5.50 a half pint, strong and sweet, and the SF Pale Ale, a nice lightly-hopped ale. The fish was typically bad but chips nicely spiced.

The bartender Paddy let me charge my iPod at the bar, and the brewer, Brandon, just clinked glasses with me. Nice place, glad I finally stopped in.

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