Yesterday I took a hike into the mountains. Left around 0930, and found Lonesome Cabin Tank at 1330. It's not visible from the arroyo; if I hadn't climbed up on a hill I wouldn't have known where it was. From there I went back to Crump Tank, beyond which lies a spring according to my friend Izzy. Got there an hour later, at 1430, and still couldn't find any springs. Not even the little water I and my friends saw last time we hiked there was evident. So walked back to the campsite where I'd left my sleeping bag and frying pan some week or two ago, and it looked untouched; the stuff was just as I'd left it. Got to the road, where B005 meets Highway 11, at 1642 and shortly thereafter a couple in a pickup truck gave me a lift to Altura Avenue. Saved me about 2 hours of walking. All in all, I guess I walked about 15 miles. No back pain this morning either, a nice change. I traveled very light this time, maybe that helped. No food, only about 1.5L of water.

Last night was the warmest in a long time. Got up before dawn, and just after sunup hit a dove from 20 yards or so on my 2nd shot with the air rifle. It dropped from the mesquite branch head-first and apparently broke its neck, because it wasn't moving by the time I crossed the arroyo and found it. It's now cooked and I'm about to have some for breakfast.

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