Trying to get back into colorForth, but GNU's as assembler (AKA "gas") has changed so much since I last coded, it's barfing on all my 16-bit code. Fuck it. I'm going to switch to nasm instead, something I should have done long ago, but I was used to gas's macro syntax.

Living pretty much on wheat sprouts, which give me the shits, sourdough pancakes which came out lousy, and pecans, since I last bagged a rabbit. Almost got one this morning before sunup, but the little bastard got away after I hit him once in the backside (I'm pretty sure). He turned so I couldn't see his white tail, and since I don't have a night-vision scope, that blinded me for any further shots. Of course, I tried anyway, but missed. Finally he took off in one mad dash and got away. Gonna try to get the early bus to Deming tomorrow and stock up on some food.

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