Finally, LiveJournal recognizes my OpenID login using my Thawte Freemail cert. Still have a lot of kinks to work out before I can say my script is better than JanRain's.

Got a dove for breakfast this morning, and ate the rest of my rabbit stew, a week and a half old already, the rest of the day. And I don't feel sick! Things just seem to last a long time without refrigeration here in the desert. Of course, it helped that I re-boiled the soup every few days.

Played some more with my LED tent lamp, and this time I burned out the LEDs themselves. I think it was more due to the funky "AC" from my inverter rather than a wrong approach per se. A single LED in series with a .01uF capacitor, nothing else in the circuit, glows dimly for an arbitrary length of time without frying. Adding more capacitance doesn't make it any brighter, though, it just burns out the LED. But I'm still having problems grasping the theory.

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