I left about noon yesterday to go camping in the Tres Hermanas. I took county road C009, and noticed that it and Pajaro Road were now newly paved near the new elementary school. And then something popped into mind, something that makes my gun control awareness walk difficult or impossible: the Gun Free School Zone act of 1996. Though the same act of 1990 got thrown out by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional, the lawmakers changed a few words and passed it again.

So, my right of open carry is nullified within 1000 feet of any school, public or private. Which means I can't even wear my sidearm walking down Highway 11 to the village; I have to stick to the side roads. People in cities would have a hard time finding any path from point A to point B without passing within 1000 feet of a school. This act makes felons out of lots of otherwise law-abiding citizens, and of course felons can't be allowed to carry firearms at all. If this act starts seeing any concerted enforcement, it could be the start of the civil war the "gun nuts" are talking about.

In any case, I'm cancelling my walk. Judging by the scarcity of guns and ammo, enough people already are arming themselves for the coming ordeal. And I'll bet a large number of these people won't be lining up to take the HR45-mandated test and registrations, either.

I spent the night in a natural windbreak just East of South Peak that had been further built up by campers (illegals?) over the years to a nice little shelter. Walking home down the large arroyo that starts just South of the Johnson's large water tank, a large deer jumped out in front of me and bounded away Eastward. Must have been at least 300 pounds, maybe 400.

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