The rope light atop my place now flashes "shebeen" in Morse code. Finally! I'd been meaning to do that ever since I put the thing up. I wonder if anybody will ever notice... The trick I used was to tie the base of an NPN transistor to the cathode of the DMZ LED of my WRT54G. I have a shell script turning the LED off, which tri-states the GPIO pin, and the pullup resistor sources enough current to switch the transistor on, sinking the cathodes of the LEDs of the rope light.

I think I have the Daisy air rifle about figured out. When it's cold, the air always escapes. It's got to be in the sun for a while before it works at all. Then, sometimes even when it's warm, it has to be pumped a while before the pressure starts to hold. Other than that, it's not a bad little rifle. Maybe someday I'll be able to hit something with it.

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