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I've been meaning to find out my PayPal account number and their ABA routing number -- my bank should be able to provide that info after a funds transfer -- but I read online the other day that some guy found it out but still couldn't initiate a transfer of PayPal funds from another bank. So I'll continue doing the online funds shuffle every payday, moving funds into "real" banks for things like making credit card payments.

I was thinking of simple, useful "human" robots I could build. One would be a paraplegic or quadruplegic in an electric wheelchair, panhandling on city streets. Every night he could roll the cash home to "Daddy". If I get more ambitious, I could build one to sell fake Rolexes and stuff like that. If the cops try to grab it, it could jump into the storm sewer and get away. Both ideas assume a viable economy, though, so scratch that.

Ate a big, juicy grasshopper yesterday. Freaked out the French couchsurfer who's here in Columbus filming a documentary.

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