Tuesday I went jogging naked, and before I even went a mile I had stepped on something sharp and hurt my right foot. It was less painful today, so maybe tomorrow I can try again.

Wednesday was a good day for beer. The master brewer for Mendocino now has his own brewery in Napa valley, and I tried several of his brews. Then I went to the Booby Bar and had some more homebrew, not as tasty as the former but still far superior to Budweiser and the like. In that bar also, I met Alex, a self-described cyberpunk who dresses, as I do, in all-black tactical gear. He's read a lot of the same stuff I have and agrees with me on many things. It's people like him that make Burning Man a worthwhile investment.

I got a little sunburned today due to carelessness, but overall I can state that playa dust alone makes an excellent sunscreen. One just has to be sure to dust oneself periodically, especially after sitting down.

I'm reading an interesting book, Urban Tribes by Ethan Watters, a Burner for years. He mentions Dunbar's Number and offers some insight into it, something I criticized James Herod for ignoring.

Fairy shrimp are supposedly native to the ancient lake which is Burning Man's "playa". These creatures are only 1 to 2 cm long. I wonder if they'd be a good candidate for shrimp farms in my desert.

I tried some absinthe tonight, for the first time in my life that I can remember. It has a nice licorice flavor.

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