Before I left LA, I found another good taco joint: Margarita's #1 Mexican food just south of Main on 7th. You get a meal-sized taco de carnitas for a buck fifty.

Waiting for the bus at Sun Valley Hardware, was chatting with a lady from Palomas who said there is a carnicería about 5 blocks west of the park, Doña Maria. They also make fresh tortillas. I'll have to check it out.

The same lady told me to cook carnitas, panfry them with chile powder and garlic salt. I asked if fresh jalapeños would work as well and she said yes. I tried it when I got home and they came out great, using fresh garlic also, even though I forgot the salt.

Just awoke from a dream in which I and others had a skin disease which looked like fish gills. The previous night's dream was weird too but I didn't get it down in time and can't remember what it was about.

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