I got an idea for a water sensor. Aim a laser diode at an angle to two phototransistors. When the space between is filled with air, it will hit one, and when water fills the gap, it will hit the other. I guess multiple photosensors, or an array, would be needed for various levels. I forget the name of the phenomenon. Parallax?

The new Greyhound station in Las Cruces is far from the microbrewery that used to be just around the corner. There's a nice little Mexican restaurant just up the street, though, the Kiva Patio Cafe on the corner of Amador and Tornillo. Next time I won't order seafood, though. The shrimp chowder tasted like creamed corn, I could hardly taste the shrimp. And there was a big-screen TV with a stupid movie playing. But they serve Pacifico, there's no minimum on credit cards, and service was friendly.

Tysons Hickory Bacon is a pretty good snack food for bus trips. It's $2.00 for 2.2 ounces at Dollar General.

Got to LA about 4 and scootered to 7th and Fig. When Starbucks opened I had a coffee, used the restroom, and tried to charge my iPod. No good. The piece of shit charger I bought on eBay lasted for only one charge. And the 7th&Fig wifi seems to have disappeared. So I have no reason to hang around town.

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