I found an interesting job on RentACoder and, having proved to the poster that I figured out the encryption , I'm waiting to see if he'll accept a higher bid. It was fun regardless of whether I get paid or not.

About a week ago, baby quail started making their debut, strutting across the desert with their mom in the lead. We're still getting a little rain here and there, but nothing resembling a real monsoon.

I think I hit a jackrabbit with one of my plastic bolts today, but he wandered off unfazed. That was my last, unless I find some of those that are scattered across the local desert. The plastic ones break, or the tips fall off, or over time the stabilizers UV-degrade and crumble off. The aluminum bolts, on the other hand, usually bend, or the tips or stabilizers fall out. Nothing is any goddamned good. I'll probably have to come up with my own design.

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