Just got done talking with a guy named Josh at the bus station. He's the first person with whom I've spoken about my HPV idea who has lots of concrete suggestions to offer. For one, I should use a Mazda RX7 clutch for the simple mounting. For another, I should read up on limited shift differentials.

Yesterday I got a couple hours sleep on the plaza before the goddamned cops woke me. Wandered around all night to stay warm, then crashed in my hidden spot in the marsh at morning twilight.

Check out the over 60 program at HSU, classes are something like $6, and registering for even one gets you free transit all over the county, use of the university library, and other benefits.

Going to try skates with wheels only in front or only in back and see if they're more stable. I know that sounds strange but I don't know how to put the picture in my mind into words.

Another idea: my wire saw can cut PVC pipe for a solar distiller.

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