Sitting in Perk Avenue in Red Bluff, free wifi and power. Camped out along route 36 last night, gave up on hitching to Fortuna and caught a ride back into town this morning. That road is just not viable for walking. The first town is about 40 miles away, and my gallon of water was all but gone after 12 miles. Went to Greyhound, and one way to Arcata is $90! It apparently goes back through Chico. If I can't hitch to Redding today, I can go the big dog there for about $11 tonight.

Had good luck hitching until I got to this town. One guy, a contractor, hauled me partway after a passing truck blew my skates out from under me. Then a guy named Brandon took me to Red Bluff. Before I got the second ride, I had to take a dump really bad. It was one of those light-colored, peanut-buttery shits I always get when I eat too many nuts and veggies; tried to wipe with dried leaves but they broke and I got shit on my hands. Yuck. Stumbled through the blackberry bushes, pants half down, to a nearby creek and washed off. Not a happy experience. But I survived it.

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