Fiddle-farted around with MPLAB until I got it halfway working. The goddamned thing still won't power the target board for more than about a half second. I have to run the PICkit 2 program instead, for that purpose, and each time I change programs I have to install different firmware into the programmer. Workable, but a pain in the ass. I guess I could download new versions of both, but I'm afraid of running into even more problems.

Some of the things that I had to do, before I forget... made a batch file, mpasm.bat, to set up the mapped drive for avoiding the 62-byte path limit imposed by the debugging .COD files; then, because PICkit 2 was grayed-out as a programmer option, had to click Configure | Select Device..., then PIC16F917. After that, it became available. Possibly the option for providing power to the target is in some setting here, but damn if I can find it. Also had to change the clock setting in register 2007h from XT to INTOSC. I must have left it at XT when I was testing the crystals last year.

MPLAB automatically downloads firmware 1.10.7 into the programmer, and I have to manually upload 1.20.0 into it when running the PICkit 2 program.

No luck with rabbits this evening, even though I got pretty close to two different ones. I only had two bolts, and a pen I was hoping would function as one; so I spent too much time looking for my bolts, and the rabbits got away. I almost always miss on the first shot. Robert DeNiro probably wouldn't go hunting with me. One neighbor suggested I just set up a watering hole, and a blind, and pick them off when they come to drink. A nice idea, but I'd still better go hunting even so, to maintain and hopefully improve my skills; nomads don't always have the option of setting up things like that, and I can't let myself become too domesticated.

Feeling much better after getting laid this afternoon. Too many days without sex makes me depressed and/or grumpier than normal.

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