Yesterday morning's hunt bagged no rabbits, but when one just disappeared while I was stalking it, I was forced to notice something I'd never observed before. In the middle of some mesquite bushes, there's a nest made of densely-packed, dead, pieces of mesquite branches and twigs. I don't know if the rabbits build those or some other animal does, and the rabbits just use them as hideouts. I noticed another one later that day, tried to shoot a bolt into it, and that's when I realized how dense they are. And I got two pieces of mesquite thorn in my finger getting the bolt back out.

Last night in a dream there were some big white spots of infection on my upper body. I lanced them, and about a liter of blood came out, full of maggots of varying sizes. But I survived it. That part of the dream may have been from seeing the maggots on the moose in Into the Wild the other day. It was an OK movie, but not a keeper. I'm deleting it from my to-buy list.

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