I've been trying to blog using my iPod Touch, but haven't yet figured out how to use vi with it; it segfaults on the iPod itself, and when ssh'ing to my server the line I'm entering doesn't appear till I'm done typing it. Probably need to stty cols or something; I'll play with it as I have time. The small screen is making my eyes strain, and my already-bad vision worse... I'll probably have to buy some video glasses for it. It took me a while to notice that Terminal.app has some control codes. They appear when you touch the black part of the screen, above the virtual keyboard; slide your finger to the up, down, left, right arrows or the ESC (^[), CTRL-C, CTRL-D or TAB keys.

Coyotes singing almost every night around here lately. Glad they made it back.

Still staying out of debt, but spending like crazy, trying to make some progress on my projects. The foam tire I bought for my skateboard fits, so I'll get 3 more this paycheck. They're wicked heavy, though.

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