Finally got the computer (iTunes, specifically) to recognize the semi-bricked iPod again, using the info found on this page. Another night of downloading and I can start over with the jailbreak, this time not running the broken passwd program in the BSD utilities. Sure would like to know what it does to the password files that no amount of tinkering seems to be able to fix. Maybe someday I'll figure out what the ptpd daemon is for too. So much new shit to learn...

Last week the hamburger I cooked and dried, just by crumbling it into my mosquito head net and leaving it around outside (protected from dogs of course) until it was like gravel. I put it into the nut mix I'd been using for a healthy snack food, and it was pretty good if somewhat tasteless... so I bought another two kilos of ground beef in Palomas yesterday and will make some more.

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