Woke up, refreshed, on a bus bench downtown about an hour ago, the 3 $1 double cheeseburgers still sitting like a lead weight in my stomach. Ate those after a couple of cold ones at the Black Market, a nice little pub in the alleyway between McDonald's and Zeppelin's. Another few hours and I will have gone my first week without dipping into my credit card. Yes! I think I can make it, I still have $3 in my pocket, and I'm not hungry.

However, all is not perfect. I, as usual, lost track of how much I have in each account, and made not 1 but four separate overdrafts on my WaMu debit card. Luckily, they only charged me for one of them, not like some banks that charge you 3 times for one overdraft.

I found out that Bank of the West has a branch in Anthony, not far from El Paso; the "Bank of the West" in El Paso is a different bank altogether from the California-based institution. They, like PayPal, supposedly update your account in real-time when you make a purchase, making it less likely you'll overdraft. Now, why can't all banks do that? Anyway, I want to open that account when I get the chance, and get rid of one of these less useful banks. Unfortunately they don't offer the modern convenience of opening an account online.

There's one of those Watermill Express things right across the street from Kinley's House, in the Starbucks parking lot. Gonna go fill my water bottle then about a half hour to wait until McD's opens up and I can get my Senior coffee.

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