Slept on one of the desert hills inside the UTEP campus. I didn't expect any cops were ambitious enough to climb it to roust me, and I was right. Or they just didn't care, that's quite possible too... I was mostly out of sight.

Some of the servers at Kinley's House give me the refill price right away without me asking for it; others charge me full price for the first cup (I of course bring my own cup all the time; I've taken to fastening it to one of the auxiliary straps of my sling). So now I'm just asking for the refill price, the worst they can say is no. In fact the cashier just now made me pay. So the money that would have gone to the tip jar went into the cash register. His choice.

I asked for the "senior" coffee today at McD's too, I think for the first time. I'd been offered it before, and accepted, but I always felt before like it was asking for charity if I flat-out asked for it (it's only 40 cents or so, less than half price). I changed my mind. Bill Gates could ask for it too if he wanted. I don't know what qualifies as "senior" with Ronald and I don't want to ask. My bank gave me a "senior" checking account at age 50.

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