Jump training should be taught to all school children. Start with a jump from half your height, learning to bend at the knees to absorb the impact. I jumped from the garage roof once as a child without knowing that simple maneuver, and messed up my knees for life. Anyway, then add one foot at a time, using some type of adjustable platform until everybody can jump from at least twice eir height without injury. The challengers -- there always are some -- will want to go for 20 or 30 feet. As long as they have to make at least 10 safe jumps at each 1-foot step, why not? Let 'em.

I want to set up such a platform at home for my own use... I want to train for safe recovery from paragliding mishaps, and maybe design and test some kind of safety equipment, like the bubble from the James Bond movie The World is Not Enough. And my home can become an unschool for kids from Columbus who want to learn things that are useful and fun.

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