Awoke before dawn and started thinking. Once I get my iPod Touch with Otterbox case, and a new set of Capilene undergarments, and finish my sandals made with tires, I can run anywhere, anytime! Since the longjohns have an opening for urinating, I can cover the front with some kind of flap. Maybe one in the rear, too. Make it out of some ultra-absorbent material on the side facing my butt, and put some baking soda in it, and can use it to wipe myself on the road. Wash it out somewhere when I get to the next town. I'll need to carry some drinking water, but there are hydration kits made specifically for running, so that's no problem.

I might want a GPS unit too, especially if I try the back roads into Las Cruces. Those roads have so many twists, turns, and forks, I could be going around in circles in that place and run out of water before I'm anywhere near a town. Once I do it one time, though, I might be able to do it again just by knowing how the outline of the Florida and Organ mountain ranges look at various points along the way.

Why a new set of undergarments? Mine are full of holes, and in fact I lost the shirt, which was drying in the broken side pocket of my duffelbag. It must have gotten left on the bus on arrival into El Paso.

If I ever get a few thousand together again, I ought to buy a composting toilet, one of the fancy name-brand ones, and build a nice little bottle-wall outhouse near my shebeen. That'll be for my guests, and for anyone at COS or passing through, and it'll cover my ass, legally speaking, if anyone from Luna County gets snoopy about any other humanure composting I might want to try. I'll just need to keep the former prominent, and the latter hidden.

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