Over the past 48 hours or so, what's left of the lesions on both hands has mostly dried up. No more noticeable itching or pain. I think it's licked... sure hope so anyway. I probably won't feel comfortable about it even when the last trace of scab has fallen away. Hell, almost every time I get a groin itch I pull out some hairs and look for nits, remembering the one crab infestation I got... every time I see a pimple for the rest of my life I'll probably worry if it's going to turn into a boil.

If and when I write a WikiHow article about curing impetigo without pharmaceuticals, I'd like to make an animated GIF out of the series of photos I've taken of the lesions. It will be tricky because I'll have to align them all the same way and make them the same apparent distance away, but it would be really cool.

I probably won't pass the General class ham licensing exam next Saturday, but I think I'll pass some of the sections, and as I understand it, I'll only need to retake the sections I fail. I should still have my license this year if I stick with it.

I'm trying to finish some programming work, both for-pay and volunteer, but just can't get my mind focused on it. It's like these jobs are big ugly dragons and I'm scared to even look at them face-on. I go through phases like this cyclically, but this seems worse than normal.

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