The sand crabs, if that's what they're called, were scooting all over the beach around sunset. I grabbed one pretty easily, but since I was still fasting, put it back down and it ran off again. It would probably take at least 20 to make a dent in my appetite, anyway, and more likely 30 or more.

I saw a fruiting coconut tree today, on Red Snapper street behind the Blue Marlin grocery store; and a flowering banana plant near the south end of Gulf Boulevard. So this is indeed a tropical climate, I guess most people just don't like growing edible plants.

I botched my Greyhound ticket purchase. Instead of a one-week discount all I got was a "nonrefundable" discount, and my purchase was for last Monday night. I'm hoping I still can get a trip for my money, though. I'll probably find out sometime tomorrow.

I'm using the free wifi and power at the Dolce Roma ice cream shop inside the Wings store at the south end of town. There's another one closer to the north end, but I haven't checked if they have free power there. I'm not sure which SSID I was supposed to use, but "Wings Wireless" wouldn't give me a usable IP so I'm using "dlink" instead.

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