Had lunch at Fisherman's in Port Isabel today, taking the free Wave bus back and forth. They've got an all-you-can-eat fried fish special for $6.95, which with $1 for coffee, tax, and tip came out to $10.61. Not too bad, though I wish I'd been hungrier, I could only put away 5 pieces of fish.

Beach access #2 (not the same as beach access 2 -- those on the north end of town have number signs in front of them, those on the south don't) has barbecue grills, the only one I've seen that does. You can shop at Blue Marlin, walk around the south end of town picking up combustibles, then take the Wave to just outside the convention center, and the beach access is across the street. Cook your food on the grills. Haven't tried it yet, but maybe will tomorrow.

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