Changed my mind and took the bus out to the beach... no sense hanging around the bus depot all afternoon. It's pretty much a straight shot up the Boulevard, with one little zigzag near the halfway point, and some detours through residential neighborhoods. The driver told me, near some petroleum school and/or factory with natural gas being wastefully burned off, that I had to walk the remaining distance to the beach, about a mile. So I did. Turned out the little motherfucker was lying; he passed me, grinning, at the turnaround point right at the beach. Why are some Mexicans always fucking around with gringos like that? Good thing I have lots of good experiences with Mexicans to balance it out.

Then I rescued my bag from the storage at the bus terminal, MX$37, not too bad. I should be pulling into Matamoros before daybreak, and can walk most of the way to Brownsville before the sun starts its daily punishment.

Oh yeah, the beach... nothing too impressive. The clouds, and the sunset in the opposite direction, didn't help matters any. No stench, though. There was one bar open, so I sat down for a Victoria, MX$12, and left. I didn't walk back to where the previous driver said I had to; I stood right there at the turnaround, flagged down the next bus, and he picked me up.

I'm pretty sure I haven't paid a single taxista the whole trip. Fuck 'em all. Wasteful motherfuckers, driving around all day looking for suckers and recuperating the gas expense in a single fare.

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