Two movies people keep telling me I have to see: one is Mosquito Coast, the other I can't remember the name but is about some guy who goes into the Alaskan wilderness. I looked for them at a local Blockbuster, in the "for sale" section since I don't have an account, but no luck.

I think I'll have to design my own harness. Something with lots of D-rings, so it will work for hang gliding, climbing trees and towers, and, something I keep noticing, somehow keep shoulder straps from digging into my neck. Just using web belting, and some kind of custom X connectors, ought to make a reconfigurable harness good for just about anything. Something to work on when I get back home... along with umpteen million other projects. Oh yeah, add one more to the list: something made with telescoping poles to use hammocks in the desert, or on the beach. On each end, two poles in an inverted V, held in place by a single tie-line with a tent stake. How difficult could that be? Add a Hennessey Hammock, and you've got instant shelter, anywhere.

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