Didn't bring my jeweler's screwdrivers, so had to buy some in order to take the laptop screen apart and reseat the connector in back. That seems to have fixed it for the moment.

That lesion on my finger keeps insisting on coming back, after twice cleaning it out with baking soda. The new one on my leg is staying OK, but the scab hasn't yet healed.

I'm thinking I'm not getting the maximum benefit of the onion by just using a single layer. I've gone back to using a slice on my right-hand lesion, let's see how that works.

The free linksys AP in Carl's Jr. near the Soriana was working great earlier, now it's screwed up somehow. Damn. They don't advertise anywhere that they have it, that I can see, so I don't really feel like asking anybody about it. Guess I'll check if it has the default password (admin) and, if so, just reset the damned thing.

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