Yesterday went to the market with couchsurfers Moe and Claire, tried some fried grasshoppers, blood sausage, and other foods. We then took a taxi to the Lucha Libre with another two couchsurfers, but the cheapest tickets were MX$150, which I didn't really want to pay since that wrestling crap doesn't appeal to me anyway; so they stayed and I left. This morning I found some hojas de afeitar, razor blades, and had my new moon shave, cutting myself up pretty badly in the process. I couldn't find any single-edge blades at the hardware stores, which are much easier to use than the flimsy double-edged blades.

I'm down to MX$200, with maybe that much again in PayPal, to last me till Saturday morning, and I spent over MX$1000 on my credit card too. Hopefully I can catch up, financially, at Panajachel. It sure ain't gonna happen in Oaxaca.

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