Ended up walking into town long before daybreak. Nothing ever seems to be as dangerous as people tell you it is. When I hit the road I came in on, kitty-corner across the street were buses to Pochutla for MX$20. From there, cross back over the street you came in on, and down the hill. Just before it ends in a left turn, there's a beauty parlor/"bus" station where you catch a collectivo to Mazunte for MX$10, and it takes you right to the Zipolite beach as its last stop. Very affordable. It's about a 3 hour walk if you want to try it, but the directions I've gotten are pretty confusing.

Nobody was naked -- the "Playa del Amor", where people are more comfortable cavorting in their birthday suits, is something of a walk. So I just stripped down, jumped in, got back out and dressed again. Had to be done. Strike a blow for freedom and all that.

Internet places are everywhere along these beaches. My screen is giving me problems again, but at the moment it's deciding to work. Lovely.

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