Might as well be on fucking Hollywood Beach. The goddamned cops keep rousting me. I was warned it would happen, but the first day here it didn't, so it was an unhappy surprise to stay up all night and then not be able to get a good sleep during the day. Illegal to sleep on the beach, what a concept. To be fair to the Mexicans, it was probably some fat-assed gringo who called the cops on me. "I paid too much for this waterfront property! I don't want to be reminded of poverty! Get that piece of shit off my beach!"

Rico Mac Taco, on the corner of Ave. Mexico and Uruguay, just before you hit the Malecon, has a good deal on quesadillas con carne de res, only MX$18. One makes a pretty good breakfast. I had orange juice instead of coffee or beer this morning; I was worried the melting ice cubes might introduce more foreign microorganisms into my body than it could deal with, but so far I'm feeling OK. Got one more bad night coming up; Friday night I'll probably be on a bus to .

Wow, what service! hit me for a $39 annual fee. I didn't remember there was one, in fact I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have applied if there was. So I sent them a terse email:

I didn't know there's an annual fee. Close the account, refund the $39, and mail me a check for my last overpayment.

And they responded within 24 hours:

We have now permanently removed the annual fee from your account and waived the annual fee most recently assessed. You will see the credit on your next statement. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. Thank you for your inquiry.

Not bad. Juniper (Chase) is dragging its feet on changing my PIN. I used their stupid automatic phone system twice to change it, and it doesn't fucking work. I emailed a complaint, 3 days ago I think, and no response so far.

I really should just get rid of all the fucking credit cards, but they're too convenient. Just got to keep an eye on the bastards so they don't screw you over.

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