I got the depth-change methods working in my Mandelbrot applet last night. Now you can zoom in quickly on an area, in a 1000-iteration depth, then change to 2000, 4000, 8000, or as many as I get around to adding. Each doubling turns the dark to light, and exposes areas hidden by the more shallow view. Much the same as in the "real" world.

I got confused by my host's directions, and got off at the wrong Pemex. It looked too dangerous to cross the next bridge by foot, so shelled out another MX$5 for a second bus; the first had cost MX$10. This morning I tried the whole thing on foot; since it turned out the first bridge hadn't crossed any water, I walked a frontage road along the second bridge, as the breakdown lane didn't look very inviting with the high-speed traffic, but, as luck would have it, I hit an estuary. Since I hate backtracking, I took an alternate path back, and got into the breakdown lane of traffic going in my direction; even worse. I was frazzled by the end of it. Finally got to the Central Camionera to get prices for the trip south. Acapulco is MX$803; Manzanillo only MX$150; the others I didn't recognize. These are all Futura-line buses. I'll probably just go to Manzanillo for now.

Stopping at El Tacón de Marlin for a tacón mixto, a huge burrito of smoked marlin with shrimp, and octopus.

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