I had an amazing experience at the lake today. From what I'd read on the web, I expected a stinking, ugly body of algae-choked water. Far from it! It's pulsing with life including fish, ducks, and herons. I'll upload pictures to my Journey to Atitlan album when I can.

I didn't pay US$40 each way by taxi, nor even $MX50 each way by bus. I went to the old bus depot, close to downtown, and found a bus with second-class fare of $MX26, about $US2.50. Now that's my style! I could have paid 90 cents more for first class, but why? Just open the window and there's your A/C. When you get to the Chapala bus depot, keep walking down the main drag, Madero, the same direction the bus came in, and you'll get to the lake.

How about a floating island on a lake? A helluvalot closer (to me) than an equatorial ocean, more shielded from natural catastrophes, and though not free of government interference, it'll probably be minimal in Mexico. Live on fish and duck, solar-distill your drinking water, use PV panels and pay someone shoreside for wifi access. As long as someone in your tribe is always there -- you can take turns -- others can go in to shore for a bus to the city and escape the boredom.

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