On the way in to Guadalajara, we passed acres of agave farms. I didn't remember, but I think the state of Jalisco is the only place in Mexico whose agave liquor can be called "Tequila". I thought that tequila was made from the blooms of mature plants, but seeing how closely these are spaced makes me think I'm wrong.

When I got outside the bus depot, besides the swarms of yellow taxis there was a city bus clearly marked "centro". I headed towards it, and the driver slammed the door and drove away. So I waited. The next bus driver told me I wanted the 616. OK. A bunch of R610s and R611s passed, and then eventually another R616. I flagged him down, and he drove right on by. What the fuck?!? I started cursing, and some kind lady pointed me to the bus stop. So that was it. So I went into the Futura station and asked the price of a ticket to Puerto Vallarta. About US$25, cool. I did save about $20 doing it this way. Then I caught a bus (not the 616, some other line) to Centro for MX$9, not bad. Guess I'll look for an Internet cafe and see if I can couchsurf tonight. My laptop is falling apart; the screen blanks intermittently, and now I'm getting sluggish keystroke response.

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