It turns out the signal is strong enough, but it doesn't have a usable DNS server. I could have setup static DNS, but the Guadalajara bus showed up, 20 minutes late, so I got on. This time my trick of getting a front-row seat so I could put all my stuff on the floor didn't work. The driver insisted I check my bags. Everybody wants to rule the world.

I kept my computer with me, and he didn't complain. Also remembered to take one of my water bottles out of my duffelbag; I had bought a 1.5L bottle here at the station, filled them, and left the solid petroleum (my word for plastic) in the trash here. I tell myself there was no other option, but that's a lie; I could have filled the bottles with city water and purified it with iodine, or filled them from the 5-gallon container at my host's house. It just gets so frustrating trying to avoid buying stuff all wrapped in plastic that sometimes I don't even try. There was this nice little MP3 player with a gig of memory at Soriana last night for about the same price, $MX330, that I paid for a half-gig a week ago. But the goddamned thing was packed in a huge plastic case, several times the size necessary for the size of the item. Why? To make it more attractive as a gift under the tree, I suppose. What shit. It was easy to resist the urge to buy, anyway, because of that in-your-face assault to the environmentalist in me, despite being buffeted about as it is by the hedonist consumer in me.

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