That prickly-pear wine is called colonche. I'll have to try picking some up on the return trip.

It's too cold and humid tonight, so I'll wait till tomorrow morning to go to the bus depot. Hopefully the weather will have improved by then. I'll just have to suffer the movies.

I tried the Mole Poblano at El Portón this afternoon. I was underwhelmed. Especially for the price, about 9 dollars. The chicken with mole sauce was so-so, and the rice was bland and had (ugh!) canned peas and carrots in it. And potatoes, double ugh. From now on I'll stick with something they do right, like coffee and churros.

I found Palacios chorizo at the Soriana last night, and stocked up on them for the trip. Most of them had a white mold, but I found three of the hot (picante) sausages with no trace of it. I don't think you're supposed to refrigerate the damned things -- that it causes condensation inside the package, which in turn causes mold -- but shopowners insist on ruining tons of it. I guess they have lots of money to throw away.

I've been thinking about hacking my camera. I'll have to buy one of the "for parts only" W10s from eBay when I get back, and see what it has for a processor.

Since it has a built-in microphone, even if a voice-recognition system is too much for my skill set, I could rig some kind of sound output for a hand-held keyboard. Or enter data by humming or whistling. The camera already can take pictures of text using its macro-focusing ability -- how about an OCR, and use parchment with vanishing ink for my blog? Write it down, take a picture of it, and it disappears. Use it over and over, maybe for years.

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