Got back just in time, the hailstones are getting bigger. Turns out there is more than one route 11, and the one I took passed close to the house twice; but since I was waiting for it to go right there, I didn't get off. It went to Guadalupe and stopped. I explained what I could to the driver, and he got me a free ride on the next bus back, but I still lost an hour or so. It didn't matter, but it might someday, and it's good to know.

That's one thing the gringos do a little better, I think. Alternate routes in US cities are 11A, 11B, and so on. Here you have to be able to read the little squiggly abbreviations on the windshield and know what they mean.

There's a local wine made from tunas -- the fruits of the prickly pear -- but I can't remember what it's called, and in any case I couldn't find it anywhere. I'll have to check again on the return trip.

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