The streets are packed in downtown Zacatecas today, the 20th of November, an important day in Mexican history which, unfortunately, I know nothing about. It has something to do with the Mexican revolution, that much I've garnered by talking to the servers.

I'm in a taquería. Finished my tacos, and am drinking Café de la olla, a preparation that seemingly has more cinnamon than coffee. It's good but I don't know if it has much wake-up in it.

I'm learning my way around the bus system. When you exit the Central Camionera, walk directly across the taxi entrance to where the number 8 buses are lined up. Get in the one nearest the road, and hand the driver 3 and a half pesos. He can make change, but if all you have is MX$100 notes or bigger, good luck.

Get off somewhere along the Boulevard downhill from where Ortega avenue crosses it, and you can catch buses to other places. The #11 takes me within steps of where I'm couchsurfing. On the way back to the bus depot, I'll get off at the corner of Ortega and the Boulevard, walk up the steps, cross to the other side and catch the #8. And on to Puerto Vallarta. I don't even know yet if I can go direct. Maybe I'll have to spend some time in Guadalajara first.

I'm all packed, just hanging around till evening so I'll have a chance of a few hours on the bus without those noxious movies. There's only a few hours in the night that they don't play the damned things. Gotta see if an Internet place is open so I can check the fares. Spent way too much money here, got to take it easy next week.

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