Getting to know my way, on foot, around Zacatecas and Guadalupe, its sister city to the east. Centered on the Soriana store, the Mexican equivalent of Wal-Mart (although the latter is here also, in fact it's right next door to Soriana), the bus depot (Central de Autobuses) is to the southwest, el Centro is to the northwest, and the house where I'm a guest is to the northeast. More or less. I still don't have a good sense of direction, but can get to one place from another now.

Some of the restaurants I've tried so far are: Cantina del Refugio (link broken as of this writing, I guess they let the registration expire), a nice restaurant/bar, not a real cantina, which, my hostess explains, is a tavern for macho men only; Yker pastelería y café, down the street from the nearest laundromat on Av. México, and the Acropolis, a pricey but pleasant downtown institution.

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