Got my cheapo webcam to stream using:

$ vlc --ttl 1 dshow:// :dshow-vdev="ZSMC USB PC Camera (ZS211)" \
:dshow-adev="ESS Maestro" :dshow-size="320x240" \

This is from a Cygwin command prompt over an ssh connection! Before I added the transcoding options, I was getting "cannot create packetizer output" errors for both RV24 and s16l. Help for these errors on the forums is practically nonexistent, ditto for VideoLAN documentation. But it's free and open source, I'm not complaining. Not a lot, anyway.

It's having problems, but the basic picture is there, not sure about the audio yet. Batteries are too low -- we've had about two weeks or so with almost no wind. Not sure if that's typical for this time of year, or anomalous, but either way it's kind of nice. I've been able to sleep outdoors despite the cold most nights thanks to the dead calm.

The next step is to stream it to my server so I can see what's going on here while I'm in Mexico.

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