Proof of concept worked today. I'm talking about my design for a new HPV (human powered vehicle), that I'm designing around scrap steel and old bicycle parts. You stand up, pulling and pushing with your arms and stair-stepping with your legs -- just like some exercise machines -- and your motion drives a wheel. Haven't completely figured out the steering yet, but it will be done with the upper body somehow. No more sore ass from long bike rides, and you'll be using more of your muscles and body weight. I figure 30 miles an hour, for a few hours, should be doable if it's done right. 120 miles a day without killing yourself, now that's enticing.

All I verified today was that the front-and-back motion can become rotary motion with a simple linkage. I thought it should, but I'm still thinking that if this is as simple as it seems, someone would already have done it.

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