I got a nice, though anonymous, comment today on the discussion page of my unschooling howto:

I'm unschooling myself right now (I'm 17) and It's the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm not going to force public education on my kids. I'm going to freestyle it, and just let them learn! I maybe learned 1 thing at school that I didn't already learn from home... public school isn't about an education... its about socialization. (Which you get a better dose of when unschooling or homeschooling anyways.) Those who haven't tried it can't really say anything about it because they don't know what its like.

It is quite legal actually, and studies have shown that homeschooled kids do much better on tests.

Dumpsters aren't all bad... I personally don't go to them, but I know people who have a job and a house who go to the grocery store dumpster and find perfectly good products (not just food!) that are only thrown out because of a scratch or dent. Stores are quite wasteful.

They aren't talking about making your teens completely provide for themselves... just throwing out an option of letting them provide for one meal a day. I think its a good idea when they are old enough. They learn responsibility that way.

The author is just giving out ideas for how to unschool, and unschooling is a type of homeschool, so you can't say the author doesn't like homeschoolers. The author isn't trying to get money, because it doesn't cost anything to unschool your kids. I don't pay a cent for my unschooling. Nothing at all.

I really don't like the way public school systems work. It's based on just getting your kid out of school, and specializing their interests. I think kids should be well rounded, and be able to do anything, not just one or two things. School should be about getting an education, not socializing with your friends.

Those who haven't tried unschooling and homeschooling should stop commenting.

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