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I finally bought a decent camera! A Pentax Optio W10, which can focus down to 0.4 inches in what they call "macro" mode. Plus, it's waterproof without the bulky outer case of that cheap-shit Pixtreme. $136.50, including shipping, on eBay.

I had allowed two previous auctions to time out on me, so I spent some extra time just timing myself last night, in the minutes leading up to the auction. It used to be, as I remember, about 10 seconds between the page loading; me waiting what I think is 7 or 8 seconds; hitting the refresh button in the browser; and getting the updated page. Now, it's closer to 20. I started typing in my final bid when there was about 22 seconds remaining, and when the page came back, there was 1 second left. This is weird. My connection isn't noticeably slower. It's as though, in the past month or two, time is moving faster relative to my brain: twice as fast! Is anyone else experiencing this? Freaky.

I woke up with a headache a few minutes ago. I thought I'd kept a good balance between alcohol and coffee or water yesterday evening, but maybe not.

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