Ate some of the rabbit this morning; I saved some to try marinading. Then I drank the microbatch of cactus wine I had started on September 16. I couldn't taste any alcohol, but the color and flavor were excellent. I'm going to have to rig up an airlock for the next batch so I don't have to throw out so much of the fruit. That's what I think went wrong; the fruit floated to the surface, and despite the layer of grapeseed oil I had floated on top to act as the airlock, the fruit layer was too thick and would have rotted, so I had skimmed it off early. So then, I guess, there weren't enough fermentables and wild yeasts to do the job.

I marinated one of the steaks overnight, a mistake according to this eHow article, and put a second one into the same bag this morning. We'll see how they come out.

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