Bagged the second rabbit of my desert hunting career. It was already after sunset, so had just barely enough time to dress it and put the meat in my neighbor's fridge before dark. What can one do with these scrawny little cottontail hides, I wonder?

This one was a body hit like the last 3, but this rabbit had the decency to sit there and wait for the kill shot. It was a glancing blow off his head, but that was enough to stun him while I removed the bolt from his side and stuck it through his brain.

The lesson? Don't even bother if you've had too many beers. I think I had only 3 all afternoon today, so had better reflexes and aim.

I'd also already bought 3 pounds of steaks in Palomas today, so have enough meat till Sunday probably, even if I share with the neighbors. I'm trying this marinade, which you already know if you follow my del.icio.us page, and will attempt to report on results. I ought to make some for the rabbit too, maybe. That can be pretty tough, though tasty.

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