Having a helluva time, again, wrapping my mind around the problem of rebuilding the Index for the 2008 PCDecisions. The USGA uses WYSIWIG programs, or so I gather, and though I asked for the differences from last year's Index, what I get is a Word document with the differences marked in red. Still I have to go through and edit everything by hand. Or, I can take the text grabbed from Gmail's HTML rendering of the Word document, and script a rebuild of the whole damned thing. That's the most likely route to the goal, but I had problems with it last year, and likely will again this year. Well, that's why we programmers make the big bucks, isn't it? Grrrr...

Python programmers, check out Psyco. It's a JIT compiler for Python, and it really speeds up programs. My mandelgen.py script, for example, is running much faster. I'm guessing about 4 times, but I'll have to time it to make sure. Right now I'm rebuilding the Mandelbrot art I posted on eBay because another dude is offering 3600x2400 resolution for the same price as my 2700x1800. Can't have that, now, can we? By the time you look at the auctions, hopefully I'll have changed mine to match.

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