Traveling to the UK soon? Hope you don't mind leaving your laptop and mobile phone in merrie olde England, old chap. Check out this travel advisory:

Travel within and from the United Kingdom:

Note that you can bring them in, you just can't take them home with you. There must be a shortage of cheap laptops there, so they're gonna steal them from unsuspecting tourists. Nothing should surprise me any more, but the thievery that goes on under the guise of "national security" baffles me sometimes.

How I found this out (the rest of the world has probably known for months) is that I just bought a flight to Providence for May. I'm going to Boston and Worcester to see some people and I saved at least $150 by going this route. I'll have 3 days to figure out the local transit systems once I get there. Travelocity shows all applicable (and obviously, non-applicable) warnings after the transaction is complete.

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