Man! What a week. Fedex Priority botched my delivery again, claiming that there is no such address. When I told them to reroute to Fedex Ground through El Paso, they promptly returned the package to Microchip, as a nice "Fuck you!" to a good customer.

Won a nice L. L. Bean goose-down sleeping bag on eBay for less than $100 bucks. Plan on trying it out the night of Feb. 9, after the Pink Store bash (it holds for its customers every year about that time). Remember I was looking for events in February and May, to complement the Burning Man in August and the Columbus-Palomas footrace in November? This is it. For May, I'm thinking about the Kinetic Sculpture Race in northern Cali, either as an observer or as a participant.

Burning Man tickets go on sale the 17th! Get ready, this first batch won't last long at only $195.

What the fuck is Google doing today? Gmail locks up both IE and Firefox, hard. So hard that even after "forcing" it to close, and it asks you to send or not send the error report to Microsoft, it still stays there. I've had to shut down the computer, twice. Fucking Windows. Have to reboot the computer because an application locks up? No such thing as 'kill -9'. What shit.

Went through my first ritual abuse this year, my monthly shower and shave. Still not 100% rid of those damned crabs, but I'm oiling up every time I get any kind of itch from my navel to my ankles. Yes, they've laid eggs (nits) all the way down my legs, which I didn't expect, which is why I didn't nail them all the first time. Apparently they're afraid of heights, as they haven't gone up into my chest hair.

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