Googling found an answer to another question, that of founding a religion in such a way that the U.S. government will recognize it, here:

The federal government 'recognizes' a religion through the Internal Revenue Code. An organization must meet Code criteria in order to qualify for tax-exempt treatment and any other advantages at the federal level. Usually an organization will meet state requirements automatically if it qualifies under the Code. It is very, very difficult to get a new religion qualified under the Code - the government strongly discourages new religions. Be prepared for many, many forms over an extremely long time and probable denial in the end.

Bugger. If I can't find a religion that already meets my needs, my only realizable option seems to be to live in hiding on BLM land. The Church of All Worlds comes close to the mark, though. If water is sacred, it would seem that shitting in it is somewhat sacreligious... right?

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