Just woke up from a dream about an improbable past -- I guess it was supposed to be a dream about a movie, because one scene of it was Bruce Willis as a war hero, with a prominent 3rd eye in the middle of his forehead, brownnosing his superiors -- in which the quote "The first half of the twentieth century was violence, and we needed a rest." came up at least twice.

Other snippets I remember were about an armored vehicle that moved 45 miles an hour, meals being delivered at enormous costs to the hero from kitchens in warships or submarines, and a controlled fire in which I played a part. But it was the quote in the previous paragraph that made me want to write this down. I googled it and got no hits; it looks to me like something one of the globalist bankers would have said to explain why no more world-scale wars took place after WWII. And, more ominously, that they might be planning one now.

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