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A rancher who's lived here all his life says this is the greenest he's ever seen this desert. I believe it. Where it was once mostly dirt with a few scraggly plants, it's now mostly lush growth with a few patches of bare dirt.

Didn't mention earlier, got a ride from Deming after walking only about a mile. It pays to be a little weird so people recognize you easily: the long-haired white guy dressed head-to-toe in black leather.

No burritos at the San Jose Lounge tonight, had to be content with a pizza. Finishing my second beer now, then will probably head home and make another attempt at sleep. For some reason it didn't work out earlier, between the ants, the flies, and the tickle in my throat. That last is still bugging me, but hasn't escalated to a cough, so I might yet get off easily.

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